Pastor Chris Announces His New Christian TV Network with Pastor Benny

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, known to the world as the founder of Christ Embassy, has launched a new Christian TV Network in the US in collaboration with Pastor Benny Hinn. Pastor Chris is globally recognized for his Rhapsody of Realities and an NGO Innercity Missions. He is already associated with three TV channels – LoveWorld SAT, LoveWorld Plus, and LoveWorld TV, and with LoveWorld USA, he is creating a new wave. LoveWorld USA is expected to start this summer on Olympusat cable TV.

Pastor Deola Philips made the announcement on May 25 in a special online press conference. During the talk with the media, Philips stated that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn are extremely happy to announce the LoveWorld USA, which will take the vision of demonstrating the power of God to the US and beyond. Both men of God have pledged to take God’s love to different parts of the globe, and with LoveWorld USA, the dream is finally here.

The network will feature some of the amazing flagship programs, including “This is your day” by Pastor Benny and “Atmosphere for Miracles” by Pastor Chris. Pastor Benny will feature regularly on LoveWorld USA, focusing on special events that will demonstrate the presence of God in many ways. Both renowned pastors are expected to be actively involved in the network, and their prayer shows, conferences and Crusades will be showcased too.

LoveWorld USA will be a special venture with the blessings of God, monitored by two globally known pastors. It is inspired by God, and will take his dream of a better world ahead. By spreading God’s love, the network will show the power of the supreme and bring news to people, who want to shun the despairs of life. Both Pastors Chris and Benny stated that they are looking beyond just news. They want to bring the real wonders of God to the world.

Besides the above, the network will also feature televangelists like Apostle Guillermo Maldonado and Kenneth Copeland. Pastor Chris, who has Ministry in his blood, has been preaching from a young age. In fact, his last mega-congregation in May 2017 had over 30,000 guests from different parts of the world Pastor Benny, on the other hand, has been an author and televangelist for more than four decades and is known for his ministries. His program is broadcasted in over 200 countries of the world.

LoveWorld USA will be different from other Christian networks, with youth programs and sports in inclusions. The magic will unfold on live TV on July 2017.